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(Dashboard for Analytical Review of Projects across the Nation)

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DARPAN is comprehensive,generic and configurable multilingual Dashboard product for Member of Parliaments,Chief Ministers,Governors,Chief Secretaries,Divisional Commissioners and DMs/DCs across Districts & States.It facilitates presentation of real time data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of selected schemes/projects to the senior functionaries of the State Government as well as District Administration which can be used for planning, evaluation and monitoring. It enhances analysis through data collection by consolidating multiple data sources into one centralized, easy-to-access platform. Identifying trends in data to gain enhanced perspectives of the projects, the dashboard allows users to personalize their view to prioritize the information they require.

Salient Features

• Darpan is initiative of NIC,UP to efficiently display department information which needs to achieve one or more objectives,consolidated and arranged in a single frame so that information can be monitored effectively by Honb’le Chief Minister at a glance.

• To support dynamic real time monitoring of project,Web services are consumed at regular interval to display state specific data at various micro and macro levels. Regular data updation is done at predefined frequency through APIs.Darpan is designed and developed to address wide range of objectives and monitoring the strategy of government of U.P. which can check department activities in order to achieve service level targets.

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