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e-Pension System is the process by which the physical pension approval process activity is carried out using internet and other associated technologies in a faster, and secure environment using adopting industry standard open technologies in state of Uttar Pradesh.

The e-Pension system covers group A, B and C level government official (except- IAS, IPS, Police & Secretariat services) of state, whose salaries are being drawn through IPO system.


• Rolled out in 75 districts covering 12 Lakhs employees.

• Rolled out in 75 districts covering 12 Lakhs employees.

• Reduced pension approval life cycle and transparency in approval process.

• SMS and E-mail alert to pensioner on each stage of approval.

• Electronic movement of pensioner file using DSC.

• Reduction in transactional cost.

• Online sending of digitally signed authorities to disbursing agencies for payment.

• Pensioner can track status of his/her case on website.

• Pensioner can download pensioner half through portal.

Salient Features

e-Pension System is means of standardizing and monitoring of pension approval process. It facilitates the control and reduction of discretion. In re-engineering, processes have been re-examined with the intention of :

Simplifying processes – for example entry of pensioner’s data through newly designed e-Pension Proforma.

Abolishing out-dated practices- Paradigm shift from manual system to online system i.e. submission of Pensioners’ information, verification and calculation of pensioners’ information and posting of pensioners’ authorities has be made online. SMS and e-mail notification to stakeholders and pensioners at each stage of approval or objection.

Tracking of File movement – The pensioner information (file) moves electronically at each stage of pension approval process. System maintains audit trail information. Administrators can keep track of each record on real time basis.

Auto Generation of Authorities- Auto calculation & generation of digitally signed authorities (PPO, GPO, and CPO) after successful online verification/scrutiny by approvers adhering to the rules and procedures.

Service Delivery- The posting digitally signed authorities electronically to disbursing agency and pensioners’ thus causing saving in exchequer.

Reduction in Pension Approval Time- e-Pension System has brought drastic reduction in pension approval and disbursement to pensioner bank account.

Consistency & Uniformity in Process- System ensures uniformity and consistency in business rules across state.

Secure Transaction- System provides secure & efficient document transmission.

Centralized Data base- System maintains centralized database of all pensioners who have been retired and who are going to be retired in coming months (DDO wise, District-wise , Division-wise and State-wise)

Performance Monitoring- System maintains performance monitoring at various levels of management on real-time basis which was absent in manual system.

Zeroing Fake Pensioner- The system has zeroed the possibility of creation of fake pensioner by integration with IPO system.

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