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(Service Delivery at doorstep of citizen)


eDistrict of U.P. Government intends to provide Government services to citizens through Citizen Service Centers(CSC) for minimizing effort and time to provide prompt and effective services to public. Services from different departments are brought under one umbrella at one place. This project has been implemented in all the 75 districts of U.P. State. Some of the services are also made available through online portal. It utilizes backend computerization to enable the delivery of services and ensures transparency for effective and efficient delivery of services. The entire online application is developed and being technically coordinated by U.P. state Centre of NIC. The certificates issued through eDistrict are also integrated with Digital Locker, a pioneer scheme of Government of India.

The Departments which have their own portal and already having mechanism for processing of citizen services may be connected to eDistrict Integrated Services on the fly. Till now 236 services of 38 Departments are integrated with eDistrict Integrated Services portal. Some of the main services delivered under eDistrict Integrated Services are Application for New Ration Card, Employment Registration, seed Booking etc.

The eDistrict Services and eDistrict Integrated Services are continuously providing citizen services to the citizens. The eDistrict Integrated Services have enhanced the capability of eDistrit Portal through many folds. Till now eDistrict Portal and eDistrict Integrated Services together have delivered more than 14 crore services to citizens.

The Government of UP has authorized 10 District Service Providers (DSP) for delivery of these services throughout 75 district of UP. These DSPs have opened more than 73,000 CSC centers across the U.P. State with target of at least one center per Gram Panchayat in rural area. The DSPs are maintaining their pre-paid wallet at Center of e-Governance, U.P. and its complete accounting is maintained at edistrict portal. The DSPs recharge their wallet in online payment mode.

Salient Features

Citizen can avail the online services of UP Government from their nearest CSC through OR Using the Citizen Services Online Portal In which citizen can apply for online services of and may download Digitally Signed Certificate directly to their registered accounts. The Certificate Issued through eDistrict are also available in Digital Locker. Application Status Tracking and Verification of issued certificates are available On-line. SMS Gateway and Payment Gateway is also integrated. Financial management and Quota Module is available for User Charges collection and distribution.

Services Offered



Department Name


Service Name

• Caste Certificate

• Income Certificate

• Domicile Certificate

• Uncontested Mutation of Land


Agriculture Department

• Decision on issuance of Authority letter for sale of fertilizer

• Decision on issuance of Authority letter for sale of seeds

• Decision on issuance of Licence Letter for Agriculture protection chemicals

• Decision on providing result of soil testing

• Fasal Bima

• DBT Beej

• DBT Urvarak

• DBT Krishi Raksha Rasayan

• DBT Krishi Yantra

• DBT Krishi Raksha Yantra

• Urvarak- Kharif,Rabi and Jayad ki uplabdta

• Beej Kharif,Rabi and Jayad ki uplabdta

• Krishi Raksha Rasayan-Kharif,Rabi and Jayad ki uplabdta


Rural Development Department

• Decision on providing employment to unskilled labourers under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment programme


Nagar Vikas

• Property Registration

• Uncontested Mutation of Property in Nagar Nigam area New Connection of Water Supply in Nagar Nigam area(where techinically feasible) Birth/Death Certificate in Nagar Plaika Parisad/Nagar Panchayat /Nagar Plaika/ Nagar Nigam Area


Food & Civil Supply

• Issue For Eligible Household Card (Urban area)

• Issue For Eligible Household Card (Rural area)


Medical & Health

• Disability Certificate

• Decision on the Age certificate

• Decision on the registration of Nursing Home

• Decision on the payment for unsuccessful Family Planning

• Decision on the Technical scrutiny and inevitability certificate for medical reimbursement

• Decision on the Medico-Legal certificate (Injury)

• Decision on Death Certificate for people dying in the hospital

• Decision on the illness and fitness certificate

• Decision on the Immunization certificate



• Issuance of Duplicate Copy of Driving License

• Issuance of Duplicate Copy of Conductor License

• Issuance of Duplicate Copy of Registration Certificate

• Issuance of Duplicate Copy of Permit


Power Department

• Decision on the replacement of defunct metre

• Decision on the payment of compensation for electrical accidents

• Decision on the replacement of burnt defunct transformers Urbans & Rural


Labour Department

• Labour Department Decision on the registration of labours

• Decision on the registration of establishment

• Registration & Renewal of Shops under Commercial Establishment Act 1962

• Registration of adhisthan Under theka Labaour Act 1970

• Issuance and Renewal of Contractor License Under theka Labaour Act 1970

• Registration under interstate Migrant worker act 1979 and Renewal of Contactor License

• License Under Factory Act 1948

• Renewal of License of factory Under Factory Act 1948

• Approval & Renewal of boiler manufacturer under Boiler Act 1923

• Approval & Renewal of boiler actors under Boiler Act 1923

• Registration & Renewal of boiler under Boiler Act 1923


Department of Stamp and Registration

• Property Registration


Women Welfare Department

• Decision on widow's pension

• Decision on legal assistance financial relief to women harassed for dowry

• Marital Prize:-

   Decision on aid for marriage of widowed/ helpless daughters, on marriage with a widow


Stamp & Registration Department

• Decision on the return of registration papers


Social Welfare Department

• Decision on Old Age Pension

• Decision on Family Benefit Scheme

• Decision on complaint of scholarship for scheduled caste/Scheduled Tribe


Forest Department

• Decision on issuance of permission for feeling trees on individual lalnd of formers

• Decision on Issuance of pass regarding carriage of forest produce


Commercial Tax Department

• Decision on issuance of duplicate copy of Registration Certificate

• Decision on the correction Registration Certificate

• Decision on issuance of forms prescribed in VAT Rules/Entry Tax Rules/Central Tax Rules

• Decision on Issuance of No dues certificates

• Decision on disposal of applications for registration

• Decision on the application of provisional Refund of Exporters

• Decision on the clearance Refund created by Tax Assessment order/ Appellate order

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