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During the course of public-government interface, or interaction, the citizen may feel wronged—whether real or supposed. This forms valid grounds of complaint. Also to promote participative Democracy, capturing demands and suggestions from citizens is important. In Uttar Pradesh initially initiatives to redress grievances were isolated initiatives at different levels like CM Office, District, Tehsils and State Government Departments, running on different platforms and had no interlinking. Some good work like PG portal was started at Central Government level, while Madhya Pradesh also took lead through its CM Helpline Call centre. Rajasthan, Orissa, etc have also started their own online systems for grievance redressal. But no notable work has been done in recent past. Also nowhere we found a comprehensive System which could bring all redressal services of the state onto a single platform and also which has complete e-flow from top level to lowest level with full transparency.

The state-of-the-art IGRS is low cost and low maintenance project and is designed, developed and maintained in-house by NIC. This portal is completely online and it allows electronic flow of references and ATRs from top to bottom. CM office, government departments, directorates, commissionaires, DM/SSP offices, Nagar Nigam, Development authorities, Universities, Divisions, District level officers, Tehsil, Block, Thana and other lower level offices have been integrated in the new system. Portal is a simple, user friendly, citizen centric application that enables citizens to file reference i.e. complaints/ Demands/ Suggestions online as well as from their mobile and get disposal from concerned department with ease and avoids any physical points. After successful registration each reference will be provided a unique Reference number and get automatically forwarded to the concerned officer for redressal. Concerned department officers use their credentials to upload ATR’s against grievance. Citizen can use reference number to track progress of grievances, send reminder & also for giving feedback after disposal. Monitoring officers can evaluate disposal using app.

This integration helped in strengthening of already existing grievance redressal forums and also provided new avenues (online route) to applicant for sending their applications.

Salient Features

• Complete e-Flow – completely electronic flow of references and ATRs from top to bottom

• Online lodging of grievances, reminder, view status and action taken reports. Online forwarding of Grievances to multiple sub-ordinate offices/Departments.

• Forwarding of Reminders/Clarifications for the older grievances crossing SLA timelines.

• This system will have flexibility to expand at multiple levels as per the requirement of the concerned Department, District /Tehsil administration for desired depth and accurate redressal of grievances.

• System generated reminders will enable the senior authorities to comply on grievances received with minimum effort and strict action against non-compliances by the concerned officials.

• Support for UNICODE compliant languages.

• As a citizen if anyone wanted to share any suggestion, higher authorities will able to keep a count of the number of suggestions received in a particular department and response of the concerned department against those suggestions. This will streamline the entire process of interactive governance.The suggestions or demand (wish list) received through this app coming directly from citizens/public representatives will helpful to the Chief Minister/Ministers/MP/MLA/Grampradhan etc. and Principal Secretary / Commissioner/DMs/ District level Officers to formulate the plan and fund allocation for different schemes.

• Monthly performance Reports with Ranking of officers for healthy competition

• Feedback mechanism- Revival of complaint if feedback is negative.

• 1000 seats 24*7 CM Helpline Call Center (Toll Free No. 1076) has been established with both Inbound Process i.e. Registering Complaints from Citizens on calls /Addressing queries and Outbound Process i.e. Taking feedback from citizens on disposed complaints.

• GIS based as well as Query based statistical Dashboard will help in generating analytical reports as per the requirement of the concerned Department/District for effective monitoring and analysis of pending grievances and resolution provided.

• Citizen can file applications as well as track status online from his home, internet cafe or Kiosks established in Districts across state.

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