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Kissan Rinn Mochan Yojna

(Farmer Loan Redemption Scheme)


Total Farmers benefitted (NPA + NON NPA)

Total Loan amount Redeemed

Total Aadhar Enabled

Total Grievance Received

Total Grievance Redressed


24663.62 Cr





GoUP is committed to redeem crop loans up to rupees 1 lakh of individual small and marginal farmers, whose crop loans were disbursed by lending institutions on or before 31 March 2016. This redemption would be done after adjusting the repayments/credits received from the farmer during Financial Year (FY) 2016-17. Criteria for the scheme:

• The farmer taking the loan, bank branch (through which the loan has been granted) and the farmer’s owned land, all shall be in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

• The total area of all the lands owned by the Small farmer would not exceed 2 hectares and by the marginal farmers would not exceed 1 hectare.

• The farmer whose crop loans were restructured due to occurrence of natural calamities in accordance with the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will be covered under this scheme.

• Crop loans taken by farmers for cultivation on government-leased land, as per the Revenue Records of government.

Salient Features

• Farmers come out from the trap of money lenders. They do not fall back into the debt trap and get a fresh start.

• Farmers stop to move out from villages to cities for earning and repaying the loan amount. They are physically and mentally available for development of the villages.

• Farmers are motivated to trust in agricultural sector which engages them in crop production in nation interest.

• Farmers can grow crops in crop season on time, it makes them financially stable.

• This scheme protects them from alcohol, gambling and violence due to the mental instability arises because of the crop failure. It creates peaceful, constructive and positive environment in the villages which is required for the sustained growth and development of the villages.

• Grievance disposal mechanism is very helpful for the farmers which provide platform of disposals in quick, transparent and efficient manner. Farmers do not need to waste their time, money and energy by approaching government offices. They use their energy in crop production with full of enthusiasm.

• Development of farmers steer the development of the villages which gives opportunity to the farmers to be part of the sustained growth of villages in constructive manner.

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