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No. of Tehsils

No. of Sub Registrar Offices (SRO)

SRO Computerized

No. of Deeds Registered Annually

Annual Throughput of Citizens

Types of Deeds Registered




30 Lakh

40 Million



PRERNA (PRoperty Evaluation & RegistratioN Application) is specially designed to reorient the Stamps & Registration Department towards 100% automation in the registration process and speedy delivery of registered documents to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. The Purpose of “PRERNA” is to computerize the registration process in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in such a manner that the day-to-day activities of property registration can be streamlined. It is designed to eliminate the maladies affecting the conventional registration system by introducing electronic delivery of all registration services.

“Stamps & Registration Department is one of the important Departments and provides the second largest amount of revenue to the state. Citizens are directly connected with its services; hence adoption of modern, online and advanced techniques has not only upgraded the quality of service but also improved the image of the state. The main functions performed at Sub Registrar Offices (SROs) are follows: -

• Valuation of immovable Properties.

• Registration of documents.

• Collection of Stamp Duty, Transfer Duty, Registration Fee, etc.

• Preservation of registered documents.

• Issuing certified copies of documents.

• Issuing encumbrance certificates etc.

• Hindu Marriage Registration now Marriage Registration

Salient Features

• Online filing of Registration Application

• On Line generation of deeds

• On Line capturing of photographs & Thumb Impression

• Market Value Assistance

• Computation of stamp duty, registration fee/fines etc.

• Endorsement & Printing of photograph & Thumb Impression

• Generation of Encumbrance Certificate

• Scanning of registered document

• Electronic recording of scanned document

• On Line Search on registered deeds.

• Monitoring of revenue

• Web service to integrate department specific application

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