People and Lifestyle

    People of Uttar Pradesh are famous for their sober nature, royal mannerism and high literal taste. The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, has thousands of stories about their etiquettes which has influenced the whole state. The calmness of the people and their way of expressing of affection for the younger and respect for the elders is a trait to be followed by one and all. The moral sense of the inhabitants is worth laurels. Constituting people from all religions, Uttar Pradesh is a state where the people of all communities live like single soul in complete harmony. The literal taste of the state has given birth to thousands of scholars and philosophers, writers and poets, dancers and musicians, politicians and academicians. With the many Prime Ministers from the state, the people have never boasted about their achievements. The simplicity and down-to-earth nature of the natives is attractive. A visit to Uttar Pradesh is worth to experience the elegance of the people.