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UTTAR PRADESH : Social Demography

From population, political awareness, historical and cultural heritage and freedom movement points of view, Uttar Pradesh is a very important state of the country. As much as 16.17% of India's population lives in the state. Geographically, it acquires 5th position after Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and covers 7.3% land area of India. Area wise it covers 240.928 square Kilo meters. For administrative convenience, it has 18 divisions, 75 districts, 915 urban bodies, 8135 Nyaya Panchayats. 13 Municipal corporations, 226 municipal boards, 59163 gram sabhas, 822 development blocks, 97941 populated villages 180000 post offices and 2885 telephone exchanges.
 Uttar Pradesh sends 80 members to Lok Sabha, 31 members to Rajya Sabha and 404 members to its Legislative Assembly and 100 members to its Legislative council.
 It is pertinent to mention that the strength of work force in the state is 23.7%, out of which 65.9% are farmers and 5.6% are industrial workers. Its per capita income is Rs. 13,262 as per existing rate.


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